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drk - 19 hours ago
will you add me please im brand new with nothing to share otherwise i would gladly!
super - 16 days ago
i have to
condor81 - 29 days ago
i have vid
wildguy613 - 38 days ago
I have
Azbeastfan85020 - 66 days ago
if you want to see my videos, upload something first then send a friend request, anybody who does not upload will not be added,from here on thank you :). its a share site so please share what you have in your collection too :)
Azbeastfan85020 - 71 days ago
hey, glad to see so much interest in my videos ;), do you have any other kinds you would like to see me post? also i have been adding everyone so far so you could see me videos, but i have noticed that alot of you haven't posted anything your selves. lets see some posts's this is a sharing so all new requester's to view my videos please post something yourselves also.

thank you and enjoy.
Philou783 - 72 days ago
add me please
Wazup0069 - 76 days ago
hey pls add im new
minos88 - 76 days ago
Pls add me, wanna see your Content!
Azbeastfan85020 - 77 days ago
hey everyone, saying hi, being the first to add to my wall your turn